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Solving business problems with pragmatic web applications

Projects large and small, from start-ups to global non-profits

Serving Startups to the Largest Global Non-Profits

We develop custom software for all project shapes and sizes. Whether you need a global platform serving millions backed by microservices leveraging the latest cloud innovations, a streamlined internal line-of-business application with advanced operations and financial reporting, or a chat application for live events - Webb Integrated can help your organization!

Detail Kommander

“Webb Integrated is a highly talented team that has come through for us again and again. Their team has been instrumental in helping us bring to market several highly complex features that would be very hard to replicate, moving our product forward and maintaining our position as the leading innovator in our industry. We value well-architected, well-written code, and the Webb Integrated team continually delivers outstanding results. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a team that delivers on its promises. We plan to keep working with Webb Integrated for years to come.”

About Webb Integrated

We love solving complex business problems by creating systems and processes with software. We're not a "dev shop". We come alongside your organization as a partner to find solutions to your most pressing problems, architect the right-sized solution, develop it and bring it to market with you.

A few of our projects

We have been privileged to work on interesting and complex problems for our clients over the past 8 years.

  • A multi-sided marketplace with complex invoicing, pay schedules, money movement, and reporting.
  • User experience enhancement of an existing traditional server-side application by building out a robust "backend-of-the-frontend" to enable complex in-sync UIs in a single-page-application (SPA) environment.
  • Synchronized custom digital signage software for trade show floors.
  • System for building and deploying media journeys all over the world in hundreds of languages. Includes analytics event pipeline and reporting systems.
  • Live event platform enhancement with real-time chat and resource center. Includes analytics, chat moderation, and all variety of filtering.
  • Real-time video transcription and translation into multiple languages with embeddable UI into your platform.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) designed for virtual entrepreneurship coaching with video hosting, messaging, web-based assignments, analytics and reporting.
  • Web-based employee scheduling software designed with operations and people in mind. Robust processes and heuristics to enable employees to live their lives and businesses to operate profitably, in less time than ever before.
  • Analytics system data migrations, data warehouse creation, and reporting suite creation.
  • Right-sized line of business software for a niche global non-profit giving them a true system of record with advanced reporting capabilities to accelerate their own digital transformation.
  • Process-optimization software reducing error rates, streamlining operations, and providing advanced reporting for a truck-based service business.

Our core process

  1. Discuss your challenges and map out a few possible solutions
  2. Determine the right-sized solution for your organization's current and future needs.
  3. Work together to define the core data model for your software with current and future needs in mind.
  4. Ship quickly and often. Shipping less but more often yields better results and enables the client to understand the solution more clearly in the process, driving change early in the development process.
  5. Productionize the solution and deliver it to your users. Disaster recovery, maintenance planning, cloud security, etc.

We would love to talk with you about your organization's current and future challenges. Fill out the contact form below or shoot us an email matt@webbintegrated.com.

A few of the technologies we know and love.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Ruby on Rails
React Native Apps
PostgreSQL Database
Hashicorp Terraform
Serverless Framework
Stripe Payments

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Webb Integrated is a small (but growing!) team with access to a large network of professionals via M28 Global. M28 Global brings together experts in business, software technology, data science and design to tackle initiatives requiring subject matter expertise across technologies, business segments, languages and cultures.